8 reasons why every Singaporean needs a Cartrack GPS device

24 March 2020

GPS devices have grown in popularity around the world, but Singapore still falls behind many advanced countries when it comes to safeguarding and monitoring their vehicles. With the feeling of safety that Singapore gives us, it becomes easy to overlook the power that GPS devices and software can provide.

We’ll take you through 8 reasons that will convince you to join the other 1.3 million people around the world that are happy Cartrack subscribers.

1. Low theft doesn’t mean no theft

Yes, vehicles do get stolen in Singapore. This number is low, but when your car is most likely the second most expensive thing you own, after your house, it isn’t a risk worth taking.

2. Cartrack offers cross border coverage and stolen vehicle recovery

Vehicle theft is far more likely in Malaysia which causes a lot of stress for Singaporeans looking to drive into across the border. Cartrack will alert you of any unauthorised access to your vehicle, and includes stolen vehicle recovery in case of theft in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. That way you can feel safe leaving your vehicle out of sight when you drive into Malaysia or Thailand.

3. Watching your car when you aren’t the one driving it

Make sure that your family or friends have arrived at their destination safely by following their location when you lend your car out. Our trip history reports mean you can also make sure that your car isn’t going anywhere you don’t want it and that it is being driven with care.

4. Crash alerts

If you’re ever in an accident, every second counts. Our device will detect when you’re in a high impact crash and we’ll send emergency services to your exact location. The faster that emergency services reach you, the safer for you and everyone else on the road.

5. Faster insurance claims

If you’ve ever made an insurance claim, you’ll know that these companies need to conduct extensive investigations before paying out. When you have a Cartrack GPS device, we can provide the company with your telematics data, at your request, which will aid their investigation and speed up the process.

6. Lower insurance premiums

Insurance companies want to know how risky a driver you are. If you think you’re a good driver you can choose to pass this data on to them to prove it and lower your insurance premium. If you’re not the best driver, you don’t have to pass the data on and they’ll never know; in the meantime, you can look at our risk reports to find out how you can improve your driving behaviour.

7. Improving driver behaviour

Our risk reports let you track driving behaviour to specific trips where you can see any speeding, harsh braking or even dangerous turning. Got a speeding fine that isn’t yours? Our speeding reports can also help remind you who was driving.

8. Forgetting where you parked

You’ll be surprised by the number of people that forget where they parked and have to spend hours or even days looking in all of Singapore’s parking lots for their vehicle. It might seem like a small issue but if it ever happens to you, you’ll see just how serious it is.

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